Dior's New Film: Mise en Dior
19 October 2011

Dior’s New Film: Mise en Dior

This time around, the object of focus for Dior’s new short film “Mise en Dior” is no longer a bag, but the Dior Pearl. Enjoy a game of pinball on the back panel of a chair, which at first, appears as if it’s a dressing table. But, Instead of a ball, a pearl is its substitute. With an electro-remix of a Mozart piece as its soundtrack, the pearl “scores” all the Dior house icons during the pinball game: the Bar jacket, the iconic Lady Dior, the signature J’Adore fragrance, the star, and the Rouge Addict. All this for the ultimate quest: to locate the exquisite pearl necklace, for it is the last pearl needed to complete it. Enjoy the video!

And just some fun facts for you,  Dior Jewellery designer Camille Miceli, had previously worked at Vuitton. And guess what, she had also directed the video herself!  Here’s an interview that she did for Nowness.com

While at Louis Vuitton you wore a pair of self-made earrings one day that ended up on the runway and voila, your career was born. Did you teach yourself how to design jewelry or…?

A week before a show Marc came to me and asked me to design a pair of loops. He knew from my past at Chanel that I had some connections with some parisian small ateliers. And after that every collection we did some jewellery together. I will never thank Marc enough for revealing me that way. It is very rare to have such a genius person giving you the chance to express yourself.

It must be challenging working for a brand with such a powerful history! How do you incorporate the iconic motifs into your designs?

I have always respected the house I work for. For me the star is Dior and with this philosophy, all the collections have to relate to the DNA of the house. Immediately when I went through the archives of Dior, pearls became so obvious, but the challenge was to give them a personality, so that they are recognizable as a Dior item. So we embellished the pearl by putting it together with a gold “cup”. Also I wanted to go back to the traditional pearl necklace of our grand mother that each pearl is knotted together with a silk thread, but we used a gold lurex to make it modern.

How would you define the signature ‘look’ of your designs for Dior? To what extent are they a reflection of your own personality and style?

Dior is about a look, a silhouette, so I wanted to create a range of bold, feminine and desirable jewellery always with a couture aspect. It has to be classic with a modern twist. Twisting things is probably what relates more to me, I have always liked breaking rules. Also exploring new materials has always been a priority to give more personality to the pieces.

Are you influenced by developments in technology and how does this filter into your vision for the brand?

I am influenced by art definitively. It is most of the time the starting point of a collection. We look at art also as an influence for materials, colors and even spirits. I must say I look at my team (Charline and Carole) who are experts in computer and when we work sometimes together on the computer, I am always amazed by all the things we can do.

What place does costume jewelry have in a modern woman’s wardrobe? How is it different from fine jewelry?

You can go very “big” with costume jewellery. You can go plastic, feathers, leather, ceramic…There is no rules. Most of the time, fine jewellery remains very classic, unless you buy Victoire de Castellane’s jewellery who really gave an other approach to it.

What can you tell about a woman from the jewelry she wears?

It reflects that she has fun !!!

Are there certain eras of antique jewelry that you love most? What are your favorite stores for buying antique jewelry pieces?

Art deco jewellery drives me insane !!! I love the boldness of that period. I like to go to Dary’s and also buy in auction sales.

You were Marc Jacobs’s muse. Do you have a muse that inspires your work?

All my girl friends, Mathilde, Pauline, Charlotte, Valerie, Ortensia, Emmanuëlle, Eve… They are all from different lands, from l’air du temps

What are your most treasured pieces in your own jewelry collection?

A Louis Vuitton velvet necklace with big cabochons of Labradorite. The big Mise en Dior pearl necklace. A series of Dior white mat bangles that look like ceramic.



How did the idea for the Pinball Machine film come about?

I was with my brother Patrizio talking about Dior and my work there and telling him that I would love to experiment myself on internet and a short clip, that shows in a frivolous and fun way the making and savoir faire of Dior. We also thought about traditional things that we could interpret in a modern way. We said together why not a Pinball ! And that’s the way it started and we thought let’s make it together.

What about this traditional arcade game felt right for a film about Christian Dior jewelry, right now?

We thought that for Dior we had to have a classic element that we modernize. Pinball is one of the most classic and popular games and to make it Dior became so modern and so attractive. Also I think that our life today is sometimes very hard, people need to have fun to evacuate all their stress so we wanted to create something very light, frivolous and rich at the same time.

Do you enjoy working in virtual worlds and you feel inspired by the technology that enables these incredible visual experiences?

It has been a fantastic experience. I love the fact that everything is fake but looks so real. I would love to do other things like that. It was a very inspiring and nourishing experience.

You chose Mozart for the soundtrack—why did you choose traditional music for such a modern film?

Mr. Dior was passionate by classical music. We wanted to have a strong musical reference that we transformed with electro bit

Do you play pinball?

Yessss ! I have friends who have one and we play hours

Video and Interview courtesy of Dior