Burberry's Festive Campaign Starring Romeo Beckham Has Landed!
5 November 2014

Burberry’s Festive Campaign Starring Romeo Beckham Has Landed!

Burberry has launched its global Festive Campaign for the Holiday season. Entitled “From London With Love”, the advertising campaign film starring Romeo Beckham premiered at the auditorium of Burberry’s global flagship store on 121 Regent Street in London. Directed by Chief Creative and CEO Christopher Bailey, the film is Burberry’s most theatrical to date, taking its inspiration from the golden age of cinematic musicals. A total of 50 dancers feature in this grandiose ad campaign film, with Romeo as the star, as we see him delivering gifts to new British models and dancers Hannah Dodds and Anders Hayward.

The layers of tulle on this beautiful gown somehow brings to mind that memorable scene in Season 6 of the Sex and the City series, where Carrie is seen waiting for Alexander Petrovsky (played by Mikhail Baryshnikov) in a tulle and chiffon Versace dress.

And the magnificent behind-the-scenes stills taken during the filming of the ad campaign!

This is hands-down Burberry’s best ever short film to date! Kudos! Such opulence and grandeur!

Images courtesy of Burberry