Bottega Veneta's Pre-Spring 2020 Campaign
24 November 2019

Bottega Veneta’s Pre-Spring 2020 Campaign

In the last campaign, we saw a gold car. For Pre-Spring 2020Bottega Veneta Creative Director Daniel Lee integrates a chunky gold chain into the campaign imagery. And why gold chain? Well, that’s because jewellery is a key code of Lee’s designs part of the brand’s new DNA. Yep, his aesthetic is so different from Maier’s understated vibe that an entirely new Instagram account seems warranted, known as @newbottega, set up by a fan. Starring models Jean Campbell and cult designer Andre Walker, the campaign, takes inspiration from neo-realist cinema. As film director Federico Fellini once said, “Neorealism is not about what you show, but how you show it. It’s simply a way of looking at the world without preconceptions and prejudices” – and this is precisely what the campaign, and Lee’s new design trajectory for the House, is about.

Bottega Veneta Pre-Spring 2020 Campaign

Bottega Veneta Pre-Spring 2020 Campaign

Bottega Veneta clothes are worn in context, mixed with real characters and live in the momentt. They are elevated and everyday and that’s what makes them powerful ~ Daniel Lee ~


Images courtesy of Bottega Veneta