Louis Vuitton Icons and Iconoclasts Exhibit in KL!
10 November 2014

Louis Vuitton Icons and Iconoclasts Exhibit in KL!

A couple of weeks ago, asked you to keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming post on more Louis Vuitton’s Icons and Iconoclasts bags featuring interpretations by Karl Lagerfeld, Rei Kawakubo, Christian Louboutin, Cindy Sherman, Marc Newson, and Frank Gehry. And guess what? Today’s the day! Here are the close-up photos of the bags in the flesh! So happy that I got to play around with them during my recent private appointment at Louis Vuitton’s Flagship Maison in Star Hill with the Vuitton PR team last week! And oh, for those of you interested, these Super Limited Edition babies are actually available for purchase on a special order basis. Such special pieces for the price of an LV Runway piece, I say, it’s worth it! I mean, how often would you get to purchase something that Louboutin, Karl, or the likes, designed specially for Vuitton?

First up, one of my favourites from the special Icons and Iconoclasts Project, the studded Top Handle bag by Christian Louboutin.

In fact, Louboutin’s signature is stamped all over the bag, despite it being a collab with Vuitton: note the red finishes on the leather. And….. flip the bag on to the the other side and behold, it’s entirely in Red Pony Hair! With this piece you actually have 2 bags for the price of 1: an edgier monogram-and-spikes combo on one side, and a statement conversation starter that pops against your LBD on the other side. Alternatively, it’s also a great bag to colour-block with (Yes I still am obsessed with colour-blocking, in case you couldn’t tell).

Rei Kawakubo’s tote is classically Rei with the deconstructed look, and the “holes” finished with shearling at the edges. In case you were wondering, no, your stuff wouldn’t fall out because the brown insert isn’t a dustbag. Instead, you’re supposed to fit the contents of your bag in the brown drawstring compartment that comes with the bag. And when tied, properly, you can actually see “Louis Vuitton” peeking through the gaps.

Marc Newson’s contribution is a shearling unisex backpack…

Another of my my faves (and oh, both Mariah Carey and Rihanna each have one!) is this little hard-cased beauty by Frank Gehry. Its unconventional shape, just like his award-winning architecture, make it a work of art in itself. Lined with turquoise leather and embossed monogram with a vanity mirror on the inside, and a longer strap for shoulder carry. This swoon-worthy piece retails at RM 13,000+++

I really like Cindy Sherman’s bag, inspired by the stickers that one would be able to accumulate on their travel trunks. Instead of stickers, however, the photographer decided to go for embroidered patches. Sorry, no closeup of that bag as it was just way too high up, and I didn’t want to trouble the staff at Vuitton to take it down for me to play with. On the other hand, I also was least impressed by Karl’s contribution, because I really expected more from the Fashion Führer, because he certainly is capable of more. Sure the suspended punching bag is very inventive, but the bags that he did were just, well, meh.


The coffee table book on this very Icons and Iconoclasts project (RM 290) also details the idea and concept behind this collaboration. You’d also get to take a look at the inspiration and mood boards of each of the 6 designers.

For those of you who are interested to Pre-Order or just to view these babies up close, the Icons and Iconoclasts Project bags will be on display at Vuitton’s Star Hill Flagship boutique until December!

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All images by Bag Addicts Anonymous