Event Post: Gucci's Artisan Corner Event & Store Re-Opening @ KLCC
14 September 2011

Event Post: Gucci’s Artisan Corner Event & Store Re-Opening @ KLCC

Last Wednesday (September 7th), Stylicious Fashionista was invited to the Official Opening of Gucci’s newly relocated store at KLCC. To commemorate this event, Gucci also had the Artisan Corner event in-stores – Malaysia was its first stop! –  where guests (which included the media, VIP customers, and local celebs like Stephanie Chai, Henry Golding, Elaine Daly and Carmen Soo) could get a glimpse at the artisans working on the bags. Yes, the artisans (4 in total) are what I have called “travelling artisans”… well, for this event at least, and will be moving from city-to-city for each leg of the Artisan Corner event.


So here’s what went down at the event! A few artisans from Gucci’s atelier in Florence were flown in for this special event, during which, we could all have a glimpse into several parts of the bag-making process: stitching, finishing of the edges, lacquer-work on the bamboo handles, shaping of the bamboo handle, and the rubberised tube inserts for some of the bags handles.


Sketch of the Stirrup Bag
Sketch of the New Bamboo Top Handle Bag
Sketches of the bags


Gucci’s customers also had the option of Pre-Ordering their Bamboo bag – half of which would be done at the atelier, and the remaining half, completed right before their very eyes, during the Artisan Corner event itself! All bags crafter during this event will also come with a leather-embossed “Artisan Corner 2011” patch on the inside of each bag (the colour of the leather patch would however, depend on the colour of the bag itself). What’s more, there was also an embossing station set up during the event. Customers who made any purchase during this event, be it a bag, or any small leather goods (SLGs), can have their names or initials embossed in either gold and silver foil.

Thanks Gucci for the invite! I had a fabulous time! xx

Note: I might not be updating the blog in the next two days — will be on the plane en route to London Fashion Week!