Event Post: Les Jeux d'Hermes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
6 June 2013

Event Post: Les Jeux d’Hermes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

In line with their sporting theme for this year, Hermès hosted a spectacular sporting event, Les Jeux d’Hermes (“The Games of Hermès) on May 18th, at Victoria Institution (yes, the school!) at the heart of KL.

As you might have remembered, there was a Twitter & Instagram giveaway that I posted on the blog, where, thanks to Hermès, which had chosen to collaborate with Bag Addicts Anonymous on this, 5 lucky winners got a chance to join me at the Games as well! ;D

Upon registering ourselves, we were asked to select a coloured rubber wristband of our choice, and of course, since pink is my favourite colour, that was what I went for. After a quick stop at the photo wall with props such as a riding helmet, weights, and such – all wrapped up in silk of course, because it is, after all, a Silk event that had cleverly integrated Sports as its theme, we all proceeded to the field complete with a mini running track and a massive Snakes and Ladders area along with picnic tables complete with umbrellas to shield us from the sweltering heat (typical Malaysian weather, don’t you think?) and tried to get as close as we could to the water-spraying fans while waiting for the Games to begin. Thankfully, there was bottled water,  100+, bananas for that much needed energy boost, and gelato popsicles by Stickhouse which was utterly AMAZING because it was really made from real fruit, which you could really not just taste, but also feel, from the texture! Hot Dogs, popcorn and cotton candy


Silks and Ladders



The Photobooth area



Photobooth fun

After a bit of waiting, cheerleaders burst onto the field along with Jeremy, the “Coach” a.k.a. the emcee for the day, signalling the official start of Les Jeux d’Hermes! And remember those rubber bracelets that we were asked to pick at the registration counter? Well, it was then that we found out what they were for: the colour we had selected determines the team we would be in for the games event inside the hall, and the number on it (either 1 or 2 tells you the session in which you belong).

Once we deposited our bags into the lockers in the hall, followed by a quick warm-up session, we were all primed and ready to unleash our competitive spirits! The games that we had lined up for us were: basketball, mini golf, football, badminton, darts, hopscotch, “lawn bowling” and the ring toss game that you’d usually get at funfairs, and, in this case, the “rings” resembled the Hermès enamelled bangles!  The rules of the games? Each team had 3 minutes for each of the games mentioned, and had to complete the entire series of mini-games. The team with the highest total score would win!


My team- the Pink team from Session 1!


Footie, anyone?

Badminton Hermes style, where we had to hit the shuttlecocks into the circular orange  “bins” that totalled up to either 1or 2 points each




Darts with the latest scarf print as the target

Once both sessions of games had been completed, there was a rhythmic gymnastics presentation, followed by, like any other sporting event, the prize-giving and medal ceremony on the stage, with the winners on the podium.


The winning teams on the podium!

And guess what? My friends won GOLD!

And now, here’s something I don’t do very often, pics of me on the blog.

Myself in the middle, along with my gold medalist friends!

At the end of it all, everyone got to go home with their very own medal!