Event Post: Introducing Jonathan Anderson at Loewe's Press Day
16 September 2014

Event Post: Introducing Jonathan Anderson at Loewe’s Press Day

With Jonathan W Anderson at the design helm, he takes Loewe on a complete 180. Gone are the days of the overtly gendered approach that was obvious through the use of traditionally feminine colours and flirtatious tassels for women, while darker, subdued colours were deemed as more suitable for men. Not only does Jonathan Anderson eliminate this ideology, replacing it with a new design philosophy by creating a genderless collection offering a plethora of unisex styles that share the same colour palette, he also takes us back to Loewe’s roots.

The result? A new anagram logo that signifies an entirely new chapter for Loewe, which is indeed a significant move because it’s the first time ever that the brand has changed their logo.


What’s more, Anderson has introduced reinterpretations of the now iconic Flamenco and Amazona bags that are closer to their original designs of their predecessors. The new Flamenco has been given a slouchier look, with a size that is suited for both men and women, with an adjustable strap that makes it convenient for both shoulder-carry and cross-body use.The tassels have also been replaced by cord-like knots reminiscent of those you see on ropes.


Knot details on the drawstring pull

The Amazona, renamed as the Amazona 75 (signifying the year in which the bag was originally introduced), is also closer to the original Amazona bag, with a more squarish and boxy shape thus contributing to the rugged feel, compared to the more feminine and polished elongated versions that we have grown accustomed to.

 Anderson also revives the backpack from the Loewe archives, keeping it as close to the original as possible, save for some minor additions and adjustments.

The Puzzle bag which is collapsible (i.e. folds flat) is similar in concept to the existing Origami bag from the women’s collection is also perfect as a day bag and great for when you’re on the move in the city.

Puzzle bag when it’s folded flat

Now, with all this talk about archival pieces, the Capsule Collection that we got to preview, is, of course, not limited to the above. Anderson has also designed several new styles with geometric elements.


The “Circle” Bag
“Triangle” Bag that comes with a detachable shoulder strap. Alternatively, use it as an oversized clutch


My favourite is actually this T pouch (available in 2 sizes), which, despite its name, is more of a clutch cum tablet case rather than a pouch. For those who find it too plain, just add a key fob and you’ll instantly get a more interesting look. Trust me on this one, because I’ve tried the pouch on with several of the key fobs from the collection, and each creates a different vibe, depending on which you choose to attach to the pouch. And oh, I’m told that this is sold out in Hong Kong and Singapore.


Various accessories and SLGs:


Loewe now also has a Luggage and Home collection, where leather cushions are in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large), available on a made-to-order basis.

 Apart from the Capsule collection, we also got to view Jonathan’s debut Men’s collection for Loewe.

After seeing this, I’m eagerly awaiting what Jonathan has in store for the Women’s Spring/Summer 15 collection, which would be presented on September 26th at Paris Fashion Week!

Thanks to the Loewe team for having me at your Press Day!

Also, do note that the Capsule collection (to be marketed as the Cruise 2015 collection ), available in KL next month (October).