Event Post: Hermès "Swinging Silk" VIP Party!
24 October 2012

Event Post: Hermès “Swinging Silk” VIP Party!

On Friday evening, Maison at the Asian Heritage Row in KL was all scarved-up for the Hermès “Swinging Silk” VIP Party, a global event concept conceived by the head of the womenswear department at Hermès, in celebration of the brand’s scarf and silk heritage. Currently on a world tour throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia, it made its pitstop in KL for a Exclusive VIP event on October 19th.

Despite the heavy rain and massive traffic jams that ensued, none of our spirits were dampened. Everyone showed up in their fabulous Hermès silk scarves worn in every way imaginable, and felt as though we were walking through a rainbow seawith everyone decked out in their scarf’s vibrant colours. The women wore them in their hair, around their necks, as halter tops, skirts, and bracelets, while some men sported scarf tied ala bowtie, looking dapper in tuxedos. What a fabulous tribute to the 50s “Rock and Roll” era it was!

The entrance and red carpet area where guests and media had to register before entering

The models. Doesn’t the male model look every bit the James Dean?


Scarves as flags that surrounded the entire exterior venue

After registration, and upon entry into the venue, the girls would tie the “Swinging Silk” Hermès ribbon around your wrist, present you with a silk scarf-printed button (we got to choose the design we wanted!) and were branded by Hermès like so.


The invitation, the ribbon and the button

Everyone was busy till the party began because we were all spoilt for choice – Where do we head to…Photo booth? Hair and Makeup? Tattoo Parlour? But whichever you picked, you would have to wait in line because everyone wanted to try everything out! To top it all off, mini burgers, buttered popcorn and lollipops made their rounds, coupled with alcoholic cocktails, old school miniature glass bottles of Coca-Cola and of course, champagne, to wash it all down!

To the left of the was the Hair and Makeup area, where a glam squad was ready to give you that 50s bouffant ‘do or that Mad Men inspired look.

Hair & Makeup

Head further to the left after the hair and makeup section and you’ll find yourself in the dimly lit Tattoo Parlour where we queued to get ourselves inked by professional tattoo artists in all things Hermès inspired. In fact, there was an entire booklet to choose from, and in true tattoo fashion, you can either opt for doing for a coloured version or just the regular black ones.

Tattoo artists at work
The tools

After checking that out, I headed to the right side of the venue,  and here we have the “Swinging Silk” photo booth where you could have your photo taken with either your friends or even a male model (or two!) by the photographers on-site which would be printed out for you as a keepsake!

Beyond the photo booth, was the leisure room, just for chilling, and with a jukebox in the corner.

While waiting for the event to begin, I headed upstairs, where it was less crowded and a whole lot cooler and got a good look at the stage and the “bandstand” (or, well, more like the podium).

At 8pm, the emcee for the evening, Serena C, welcomed us and told us that the dancehall ( true to the theme, like the Swing Dancehalls from back in the 50s after the Great Depression lifted, but a much smaller version) was officially open so I went back downstairs to join in on the fun!

Serena C


View of the stage from the ground floor

Then, suddenly, without much notice, the lights dimmed, and the dancers began their Swing number, dancing to the jungle-styled swing piece,”Sing Sing Sing”, which is the theme song for the “Swinging Silk” event. I wished they’d throw their partners around more and do more stunts in true Swing fashion though!

But anyway, Here’s the video of the performance!

After the performance, Serena C came back on stage to tell us that our dance lesson would begin, and also that there would be a lucky draw at the end of the night!

Here we go! Dance lesson Number 1!

Halfway through, I headed upstairs for a better view of the dancers teaching everyone how to Swing!


Guests awaiting the next steps

Once they had gone through the steps a few times, then everyone danced along with the steps they had just learnt, to “Sing Sing Sing”

The singer and the band came on stage after that, while guests still danced away to 50s hits like “Rockin Robin”.

And then it was time for Performance number 2, this time, Swinging along to Christina Aguilera’s “Candyman”….. followed by the second dance lesson of the night.

Dance lesson #2


And then now, putting all the steps together with music, and at the end, confetti rained down on everyone, and that was the end of the evening, with the lucky draw announcement! The General Manager of Hermès Malaysia picked a name from each bowl (1 guest, and 1 media) and the 2 lucky winners walked away with an Hermès scarf!


I had a fabulous time at the event, and so did the winner of my giveaway! We partied, and shook our booties together and with non-stop fun, it was an event that was unlike any other, and really true to its 50’s Rock n Roll theme! Kudos!

Thanks for the invitation Hermès!

Note: The props, the set, the Mic, and the costumes, too, are travelling the world on to the next party location!
All images by Stylicious Fashionista

Check back for another giveaway that will be announced next week! And it’s something made of leather, so you might want to win! ;D