Event Post: Coach Legacy Soiree
26 September 2012

Event Post: Coach Legacy Soiree

Thank goodness I arrived KL just before the heavy rain last Friday, and just in time for Coach’s Legacy soiree at their flagship store in Pavilion KL at 7pm. The store was already bustling with attendees, and most were gathering around the area where the Legacy collection was being showcased. While the Legacy was the whole point of the event, really, the latest Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection was also on display.

Guests could pose with the New York City skyline backdrop which served as a photo wall, which was printed out for everyone who could take it home as a keepsake.

First thing you’d see right at the store entrance would be this table with the SLGs and bags from the Madison collection, along with some accessories, or what I’d like to call arm swag.

As I looked to the left of the Madison table, this bag caught my eye. It’s the “Caroline” bag, and it’s made exclusively for Malaysia. What this means is that it isn’t available anywhere else in the world, except at the Pavilion KL flagship store. I thought it looked rather heavy, but when I picked it up, it was much lighter than I had expected. For those of you who know me, you’d know that I really love my animal prints, but then I found out that it wasn’t leopard-printed pony- or calf-hair, but instead, rabbit. The moment I heard that, I pictured little bunnies hopping around in the meadows, I put the bag back on the shelf. I’m not certain how many pieces of this there are available, but when I had left the store, the bag had already disappeared from the shelf, so I guess someone must’ve already purchased it.

I then naturally gravitated towards the inner part of the store, to where everyone seemed to be congregating. Soon enough, I found out the reason: that entire middle portion of the store was devoted to the Legacy collection.

Legacy SLGs and Bags


Legacy Collection

And Coach actually brought in something that I saw at the recent Fashion’s Night Out event in NYC earlier this month, which I thought wouldn’t be available in KL. There it was before my very eyes. I was stoked!

Just so you know, the Legacy Duffel is the star of the Legacy collection. You might remember my post on the Legacy Collection but more colours have been added to the range! Current colours include Ultraviolet, Cognac, Cobalt, Sunflower, Emerald, Fuchsia, and Carmelian. And if you’re like me and enjoy playing with colours and colour-blocking, all you have to do is purchase the duffel kit (i.e. the strap with the tassel) which is available in 4 colours – Cobalt, Carmelian, Fuchsia, and Sunflower (all shown below) – for a very affordable RM375. And that price point is certainly a good thing because you can buy as many straps as you want and switch them according to your whims (and outfit of course!). 

What really shocked me most is that the duffel kit is not available in Singapore! For all of us Malaysians out there reading this, I’m sure you must be as pleasantly surprised as I was when I learnt this because aren’t we all too used to being the “disadvantaged” ones because there usually is much more available in terms of colour options, styles, designs, and well, everything else, really. So yay! 


The Duffel Kit


Legacy Duffel in Ultraviolet with Fuchsia duffel Kit

There was a demonstration on how to wear the Legacy and the ways in which you could mix and match with the duffel kit and rock it fashionably, but I didn’t stay around for that, because I had to rush off to somewhere else, plus it was raining quite insanely outside.  I said my goodbyes, and got this goodie before I headed out the door…

Thanks to Coach for having me, and the pretty coffee mug!

NoteI have to say though, that I was never really a Coach fan before, but with the Legacy collection, everything is more fun and youthful. Way to go Reed Krakoff! One thing’s for sure though: if the brand continues to head in this direction in terms of design and aesthetics, then I might very well become a fan! And yes, for those of you who know me personally, I’m going to have to eat my words right now because the Legacy Collection might just have done it and converted me into a fan! 

All images by Stylicious Fashionista