Dior's Flagship Boutique Reopening @ StarHill
14 July 2014

Dior’s Flagship Boutique Reopening @ StarHill

Image courtesy of Dior

Last week, I had a private guided tour of Dior’s newly reopened flagship store at StarHill Gallery since I couldn’t take any photos of the store while I was there at the store reopening event due to the crowd, but those of you who follow me on social media have seen some photos from the event. 

Image courtesy of Dior


Image courtesy of Dior


Image courtesy of Dior


Designed by renowned architect Peter Marino, who is no stranger to the world of luxury retail spaces, the newly refurbished Dior boutique was modelled after the original Maison Dior, on 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Gone is the old Dior, the new store heralds a new era.

the iconic Cannage motif used on the mirrored wall panels of the store’s facade.

Made to look like and feel like a high-end apartment, the store is segmented into areas that resemble “rooms” with its signature plush grey carpeting, exuding a cosy and welcoming sort of quiet luxury, that feels like your giant walk-in closet. In short, it is the antithesis of anything that is garishly OTT.

The boutique reflects Dior’s core codes, most notably, the Cannage motif, that is replicated on the marbled flooring that greets you as you step into the store.

Upon entry into the store, or, the “main room” if you will, is the “World of Bags” where you’ll find the latest collection of leather goods on display. Look up and you’d notice a constellation of “StarLED” lights made with Swarovski Elements studs across the ceiling which are arranged in such a manner that they represent the astrological star sign that the superstitious Monsieur Dior himself was born under: constellation Aquarius.

World of Bags with some costume jewellery flanking the shelves.
The glass panels that separate the display shelves, with rectangular motifs

the “StarLED” lights arranged to form constellation Aquarius
The Dior customer loves framing scarves as works of art
Special Edition Mini Lady Dior with leopard motif
Special Edition Sequinned and beaded mini Lady Dior
Walk in through the corridor situated on the right side of the store after the “World of Bags”, and you’d find yourself in a less brightly lit room housing the Timepieces. The ambient lighting allows the bejewelled watches to sparkle in their showcases. The walls, too, echo this vibe with what I thought at first were crystal beads, but in actuality, turned out to be metallic couture fabrics covered in glass.

The Limited Edition timepiece (only 88 available worldwide) with feather motif. Feathers, too are one of Dior’s codes.

On the left, you’ll find yourself in yet another room filled with more bags and small leather goods that will lead you to a corner, where you can choose your exotic leathers and skins right down to the type of D-I-O-R charms you’d like and even have your initials embossed to create your own very own bespoke Lady Dior and Miss Dior bags.

Skins, types of charms and fonts for your personalisation needs

Straight into the shoe salon we go, a tapestry entitled “Cosmic Crinkles” by artist Pae White resembles crumpled 3-D effect steel which serves as the backdrop is titled “Cosmic Crinkles” similar to the global Dior flagships in Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

The shoe room then leads us to the Ready-to-Wear area, which currently showcases almost the entire Pre-Fall 2014 collection by Raf Simons.

The fitting rooms even have roses as decor bottles perfumes (J’Adore and Miss Dior) should you want to spritz some on.
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Chandeliers that resemble a shower of shooting stars in the RTW area
Hidden to the right of the Ready-to-Wear section is the VIP salon, where customers of this calibre are treated like royals, sipping on champagne while previewing and trying on the latest collection, all of which have been set up in the wardrobe according to her preferences prior to her arrival.
The VIP Salon with the Louis XVI-styled marble fireplace
The Wardrobe in the VIP salon
An art piece made to look like a variation of the “Rose”, another of Dior’s house codes. The Roses on all the tables throughout the store are replaced with fresh ones daily
The Louis XVI Medallion chairs peppered around the boutique are reinterpreted in an array of materials reminiscent of Dior’s Haute Couture fabrics. Dior had also commissioned several contemporary artists to design pieces from table-lamps to coffeetables and sofas for the store.

A specially-commissioned tablelamp

Love this one!

True luxury is to be found in the littlest attention to detail – this certainly rings true at Dior.

Special thanks to Dior for arranging a private store walkthrough for me!

PS: Click here to preview the Winter 2014 collection that is said to be available at the boutique in August

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