The "Kellydoscope": A Kelly of Gargantuan Proportions
29 March 2011

The “Kellydoscope”: A Kelly of Gargantuan Proportions

Stylicious Fashonista was at Pavilion yesterday to check out the Hermes “Kellydoscope”.

The gargantuan Kelly is placed in front of the Hermes flagship at the Couture Pavilion.

Like all Hermes products, this huge Kelly hails from Paris and has been on a world tour ever since, and from now until April 9th, Kuala Lumpur is it’s pitstop!

It’s definitely “in the bag” indeed! You’ll actually get to watch 1 of the 3 short films (each a minute in length) titled “The Walk”, “The Dance” or “The Swing Chair” Inside the giant Kelly. The “star” in each of the 3 short films is of course, the Kelly – the exact same one in terms of both colour and texture – but of course, in more regular proportions!

This giant Kelly has an in-built motion simulator and motion sensor — once you enter the bag and sit on the stool, the movie is automatically activated. In this sense While the movie is playing, the Kelly will buck and tilt accordingly, to simulate the motion to emulate the “actions” unfolding on-screen. With the bucking, tilting and swinging, the “Kellydoscope” tends to feel like an amusement park ride, and because of that, you should remain seated during the movie.

Here are some shots that I managed to capture of bits and bobs of the movie while watching the film inside the Kelly…

You don’t get to choose which of the 3 movies that you’d want to watch. However here’s a tip if you’d like to watch All 3 films: simply alert the attendant at the venue and tell her you’d like to watch all 3 (else you’d be asked to leave once the first movie ends). Once the first movie ends, simply stand up and then sit back down again (you have to do this due to he in-built motion sensor on the stool) to activate the next movie.

Once you’re done, You’ll be presented with this sheet at the end, to make your own mini Cardboard cutout Kelly