The Story Behind My New Gifted Melissa x Jeremy Scott Sandals
2 September 2016

The Story Behind My New Gifted Melissa x Jeremy Scott Sandals

If you follow me on Instagram and saw my IG story yesterday, you’d have noticed that I was gifted a pair of sandals by Melissa Shoes, from the FW16 Jeremy Scott collection. So what’s the story behind that?

Okay, so, remember my collaboration with Melissa Shoes from last year? The pair of brogue slingbacks from the Alexandre Hercovitch collection were a favourite. I’d only worn them less about 5 times since I got them, because I was afraid of dirtying them because after all, it’s super white — I mean, we’re talking that white-out, liquid paper shade of white. When I wanted to wear them recently, I realised that that needle thingy on the buckle — the one you poke through the strap to fasten your belts and watches and anything else with buckle fastenings — had fallen off, and they were nowhere to be found. Since I loved this design so much, I took it to the Melissa store and asked if they could get it fixed for me. After a couple of days, the brand confirmed that it wasn’t possible.

Instead, the Melissa Malaysia Brand Manager told me to pick something out from the latest Fall/Winter 2016 collection, let them know, and they’ll save one for me in my size when the stocks arrive. This was something I really didn’t expect, what more when I was asked to choose something from the latest collection, which, at that point in time, weren’t even launched in stores yet! I would’ve been more than happy to get them exchanged for a new pair in the same design and style cos I really really like this one, but too bad, they no longer had it in my size (plus, they didn’t bring the white version to Malaysia).

So fast forward to yesterday, and I was asked to head to the store to pick out my replacement pair!  I’ve been drooling over these Tube Sandals from the Jeremy Scott collab ever since I saw them up close at the Melissa event I attended in July, so I naturally gravitated towards them and thankfully, they had them in my size! And as they say, the rest is history!

If you’re wondering about the sizing for Melissa Shoes, it really depends on the cut. I’m usually a US9 but I sometimes wear an 8 for other styles. The sandals I’m wearing here are an 8. I was also told by the Melissa Shoes Brand Manager whether providing replacement pairs are a common practice, and she says that it depends on the situation. However, they guarantee top-notch after-sales service so, for those of you who love Melissa shoes here’s a heads up! ;D

Anyway, here are some shots of me wearing them. And yes, I love colours so I had no problems pairing them with printed shorts and my bright Alexander Wang Rockie bag. As for the colour of the sandals in the outfit photo above, the lighting really made the colour look like something else. For a more accurate colour reference, the first image at the top of this blogpost,  and the one below, is how it actually looks! It’s also available in turquoise (similar to the colour on my bag), but I picked this because it’s brighter and a colour we don’t usually see that often on shoes! 😉

Thanks again to the Melissa Malaysia Team for the wonderful service! 🙂

PS: This is NOT a sponsored post. I like to give credit to brands who deserve it, and I also call brands out when they need to step up their game (as I did with Reebonz Closets). 😉

All images by Bag Addicts Anonymous