Newsflash: Bag Addicts Anonymous For Gucci's Global Social Media Bamboo Campaign!!
27 September 2013

Newsflash: Bag Addicts Anonymous For Gucci’s Global Social Media Bamboo Campaign!!

Bag Addicts Anonymous was asked to represent Malaysia in the Gucci Bamboo Global Social Media campaign. It truly is an exciting project indeed, and my biggest brand collaboration to date, not only when I got the call from Gucci’s PR team, but also to be the ONLY blogger in Malaysia to have been selected for this campaign (the other participant from Malaysia is a fashion magazine which also has an online edition).

Now, those of you who are avid followers would have remembered my teaser shot on Instagram of the collaboration that I posted 2 weeks back (September 12, also shown below). Before going on to show you the full set of photos, I’d first like to tell you about the campaign.

The initial ‘teaser shot’ posted on Instagram. There’s just something about the lighting in this photo that highlights the bag in all the right places!

The Gucci Bamboo campaign kicked off with the worldwide launch of the “Bamboo Confidential” video on September 11th. A total of 40 bloggers from 19 countries were selected to be part of this global social media campaign. Like the video, which was shot in London’s Savoy Hotel, many scenes of which were shot in the elevator, we all had to photograph a bag from the Bamboo collection (different countries were given different Bamboo bags to shoot) in an elevator. Yes, you read that right, an elevator. That was the only requirement. Apart from that, Gucci pretty much left it up to us to do whatever we wanted!

For Malaysia, we were given the Lady Lock Bamboo to photograph (THE It bag from the Fall/Winter 2013 collection), and I picked the python version in a gorgeous intense shade of purple which went with my model’s hair which had red highlights. Yes, I wasn’t the one in the shots, because I wanted to be the one behind the camera, shooting the campaign from MY point of view.

This was actually my first time using a DSLR (yes, I know, I’m a blogger but refuse to succumb to the DSLR thing because I simply don’t like the weight and the bulk, plus, it’s not as glamorous walking around with a big clunky camera during fashion events and cocktails :P) but I must admit, that after having used one, I really am seriously contemplating getting one. LOL

Since the elevator was a MUST, I opted for an industrial elevator because I figured that the other bloggers would most probably be using pretty-looking ones, plus, I wanted the campaign to be a juxtaposition between luxury and non-luxury. I initially wanted to shoot the campaign in those really old school elevators – the ones where you’d have to manually push the (usually diamond-shaped motif) grille closed. Either that, or those warehouse-typed elevators that you’d have to slide open upwards (ala  Dan Humphrey’s Brooklyn loft in Gossip Girl). But, none of those were to be found in KL, so I settled for an industrial-sized Goods Lift, and it was so huge that you’d be able to fit more than 2 cars in it! After scoping out elevators around KL, I decided to shoot my Gucci campaign images on location at Monash University (and yes, much easier for me too, since I’m lecturing and doing my PhD there) 😉

With this lift in mind, coupled with fluorescent lighting,  I wanted to create 2 sorts of vibes:  Film Noir, and the other, a more ethereal sort of vibe, hence the black dress and the white dress which I told my model, Jay Dee, to come in.

Now, here are the campaign photos I shot for Gucci:

For the Film Noir inspired ones, the story behind it was an uptown girl sneaking into the service lift of her luxe condo because she needed some stolen moments with her janitor boyfriend…

She enters the elevator and selects the floor on which her janitor bf is working

She waits anxiously, wondering why it’s taking so long to reach the floor her bf is at… And then, someone steps into the lift (pic below)…

Now this was really an opportune moment, and I quickly clicked away at the camera when the construction worker stepped into the lift – he really added to the vibe of the service elevator thing that I was going for.

She pauses and peeks, carefully checking her surroundings before she steps out of the lift, just to be sure that no one catches her heading to her afternoon rendezvous with the boyfriend.

And now, after the romp, she’s headed back into the lift. From those red highlights, it’s obvious that she’s an uptown girl with some sass and a little bit of bada$$.

In this photo, I wanted to focus on the side profile of the Lady Lock Bamboo
… And she takes the ride of shame back down the service elevator. Yes, again, I had framed the shot with the goods trolley in there on purpose.

Now, JD changes into her white lacy dress for a more ethereal, elegant and luxe vibe. I didn’t create a story here, because I wanted still shots that closely reflected ad campaigns so I was basically just trying to find the right shots for this second half of the shoot.

For this shot, I wanted to create the illusion of space and depth…

I love the angles her legs create in the next 2 photos.

And last, but certainly not the least, my favourite shot out of all! I told Jay Dee to look as if she was looking for her keys in the bag because instead of capturing its silhouette, I wanted to let others have a glimpse of what the interior of the bag looks like, and how it falls when it’s open.

Jay Dee is also wearing my Gucci Bamboo sunglasses from Spring/Summer 2013

Click here to view my photos on Gucci’s Facebook Page! 

If for some reason, you can’t view this, then here’s the screenshot below!


Photos and Art Direction by Bag Addicts Anonymous

Model: Jay Dee

Hair and makeup: Jay Dee

Bag: Gucci’s Lady Lock Bamboo

Shot on location at Monash University Malaysia, Sunway Campus, Building 3 elevator (Engineering Faculty)

Shot with Canon EOS 550D, 50mm, f 1.8

Special thanks to Gucci for picking Bag Addicts Anonymous as the Malaysian representative!