Hermès "Swinging Silk" Party: And the Winner Is......
17 October 2012

Hermès “Swinging Silk” Party: And the Winner Is……

As you know, I have been running a competition on the blog for the past 2 weeks. As expected (and based on previous experience through past giveaways, most of the participants are the shy sort who preferred to send in their entries via email. And what more, this time around, when they are required to send in an image of themselves! ;D

So my inbox has been inundated with entries the past 2 weeks, and I have to say though, that most of the participants had chosen to wear their scarves on their head or in their hair. Either that, or the scarves were worn as a one-piece dress, a bikini top, and even a halter top, and even a choker. But then again, these were very classically Hermès, all tried and tested formulas of wearing one’s scarf, as shown in the brand’s “Carre” manuals. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing, because how else would we be able to even begin to imagine that the scarf could be used in such inventive ways if it weren’t for Hermès?

And then, I came across this entry… which I have picked as the winner. My reason for choosing this one? Well, although it isn’t styled in a typical Hermès fashion (and believe me, I have the “J’aime Mon Carre” cards and manuals so I know the myriad ways available), it was THE most creative entry that I have received.

The winner is……. this lucky lady!

Image via @AmelynAng

Congrats to Amelyn Ang, who submitted her entry via Instagram. Her background as a dancer certainly shined through — she chose to wear her scarf and tie it around her foot like a pointe shoe! See you at the Hermès party this Friday!