Bag Addicts Anonymous x Repetto for Autumn/Winter 2014 : Part Deux
1 August 2014

Bag Addicts Anonymous x Repetto for Autumn/Winter 2014 : Part Deux

Part One of my collaboration with Repetto focused on ballerina flats, which has become synonymous with the brand, but today’s post focuses on something else entirely: the bags! And yes, while not many of us know that Repetto has ventured into bags and small leather goods quite recently, here’s a post dedicated entirely to my favourite topic — bags! Oh, and don’t forget to scroll to the bottom for behind-the-scenes photos! 😉

The Cabriole is Repetto’s classic shape that definitely weathers the fashion seasons. And after carrying it  about town for the past few weeks, I’m beginning to understand why. In fact, it’s become my go-to bag for day use. Its true appeal lies in its versatility, because, it can be worn in FOUR different ways: as a hand-carry (see photo above), a shoulder hobo, a backpack (see photo below) and crossbody. Plus, when worn as a backpack, it’ll make a great “cheat bag” when travelling on the plane 😉 For all of you dancers and ballerinas out there, the Cabriole is also known as the “dance bag” with an ingenious zippered slot on the side of the bag created specifically for this purpose, that’s accessible from the exterior, making it extremely convenient for you to separate your pointe/dance shoes from the rest of your stuff in the 2 main middle compartments. For a non-dancer like me, it’s a good pocket for your mobile phone so that you don’t have to rummage through your stuff to find your phone, only to realise that it had stopped ringing once you’ve found it.


And since I favour all things bright (it’s really more fluorescent in real life than in this photo and the first photo on top) I picked this pair of goatskin flats (courtesy of Repetto) for myself!


Sisone tote  (RM 2,340) paired with Repetto’s latest jelly flats (RM 710)

Apart from being able to carry it in your arm or on the shoulder, the Sissone is also able to morph into a different shape – as a tote (shown above) or tuck in the sides and tighten the drawstring ribbon for a bucket shape (think Vuitton’s Nöe).

And now, here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot! You’ve probably seen a few of this if you’re already following me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


No idea what I was pointing at, lol!



Going through the shots

Special thanks to Repetto for collaborating with Bag Addicts Anonymous and selecting me as your blogger of choice for this campaign!


Photos credits to Saufi Nadzri


Bag Addicts Anonymous x Repetto for Autumn/Winter 2014 : Part Deux
Bag Addicts Anonymous x Repetto for Autumn/Winter 14
1 August 2014

Bag Addicts Anonymous x Repetto for Autumn/Winter 2014 : Part Deux

11 July 2014

Bag Addicts Anonymous x Repetto for Autumn/Winter 14

If you’re following me on either Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or all three, you’d have noticed that I mentioned an upcoming collaboration with another designer brand, and along with that, I’ve also posted some behind-the-scenes teaser shots. Some of you have been guessing away at which brand I may possibly be collaborating with after last year’s Gucci campaign, while those of you who know me personally have been guessing and bugging me to reveal the brand, but to no avail. Well, actually, one of you DID get it correct.

I’m usually camera-shy and seldom post photos of myself on the blog and social media platforms, but well, here I am! Today, I’m pleased to announce that Bag Addicts Anonymous has collaborated with Repetto on a social media campaign!

Having opened its boutique at Pavilion KL during the fourth quarter of 2013, Repetto is a brand that is in its infancy in Malaysia. Yes, but only in Malaysia because its history goes way back to 1947! Founded by Rose Repetto, the French brand actually has its beginnings as a ballet shoes company that manufactures pointe shoes with a store on Rue de la Paix in Paris, near the Opera Garnier. The brand’s clients include legendary ballet dancers such as Rudolf Nureyev, Serge Gainsbourg and Carolyn Carlson. It is a heritage that the brand has maintained till this day (which is why you’d notice that the pointe shoes and even dance attire are still sold at Repetto boutiques including the one in KL), despite venturing more recently into comfy fashionable ballerina flats that they are more commonly known for, that comes with an adjustable bow in front that you can tighten or loosen depending on the width of your foot.

One of the new additions to the expanding Repetto ballerina flats line, is the introduction of the jelly version of the usual leather/suede/exotic leather variety of ballerina flats for Autumn/Winter 2014. What I love about jelly (well, rubber actually) is that it’s rain-proof, or rather, weather-proof as I’d like to call it. Plus, they’re more feminine then wellies now, aren’t they? 😉 Retailing for RM710, these jelly ballerinas are available in 3 colour combinations: Black with blood orange trims (as worn above), Black with pastel pink trims, and the more subdued black with black trims.

RM 1,350

The Arty Cork collection (they’re also available in Oxfords) is actually one of my favourites. I’d have snagged this for myself if it weren’t for my in-between size. For Repetto, I’m usually a 40, but the 40 in this style was too small (they didn’t have half-sizes for this one, boo hoo), while the 41 was too big.  And oh, did I mention that this Arty cork collection is limited to only 300 pairs worldwide, and for a Limited Edition, it retails at the same price as the other Repetto shoes!

In Spring/Summer 2014, Repetto introduced a sporty sneakers line and because of its popularity due to the sheer comfort of it – all of the brand’s shoes are engineered with their dance DNA in mind, so they’re really flexible, even for wedged sneakers like these, that usually appear more clunky – are also part of their Fall/Winter 2014 collection.  Although my day-to-day style is usually pretty feminine, I found myself instantly drawn to the wedge sneakers. In fact, these were the first pair I picked when I walked into the store. I mean, just look at the perforated coral patent leather that’s combined with the charcoal grey leather and aubergine suede, topped with that metallic rose-gold strip combo on top. Well, okay, fine, maybe my love for colour-blocking had a lot to do with it, but I also secretly have had a thing for wedged sneakers ever since Isabel Marant introduced them to the fashion planet, but never really purchased any because I could never imagine how they’d fit with my existing wardrobe. And after wearing them for this shoot, it killed me just a little to part with them. I had trouble bidding adieu to the other shoes too, but I found the sneakers hardest to let go.


RM 2,180


Could that smile get any wider! It’s like unboxing a Repetto hamper at Christmas! Now, only if these were ALL mine. =P Wanted to ruffle the paper that lined the boxes a little with the shoes arranged more haphazardly but didn’t want to ruin the paper and boxes!

Special thanks to Repetto for selecting Bag Addicts Anonymous as one of your social media partners for this campaign!

Stay tuned and watch this space for another Repetto post, this time, on their Bags! ;D

Repetto is located at Level 3, Pavilion Mall KL, adjacent to BCBG Maxazria.

—————Art Direction : Bag Addicts Anonymous & Saufi Nadzri
Photography: Saufi Nadzri
Styling and Wardrobe: Bag Addicts Anonymous’s own