BAA Exclusive: Bottega Veneta's "Emotion of Sound"
18 February 2015

BAA Exclusive: Bottega Veneta’s “Emotion of Sound”

Bottega Veneta has selected Bag Addicts Anonymous as their ONLY digital partner in Malaysia to debut the latest creative collaboration video on the same day as the release on the the brand’s official website! Entitled “Emotion of Sound, the video features Tomas Maier’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Unlike Bottega’s other Art of Collaboration videos for each seasonal collection which tends to focus on artisanal techniques and collaborative processes, “Emotion of Sound” features sounds captured from the Bottega Veneta atelier, including the sounds of a dress in motion or different sounds coming from necklaces (depending on the composition of materials used on it).

Inspired by the concept of “freedom in movement”, this video directed by Yusuke Tanaka featuring professional ballet dancers Noellie Conjeaud, Takeshi Hanzawa, Mikiko, Shinichi Miter, and Yusuke Onuki perfectly encapsulates this artistic theme.

There will also be a special installation showcasing this from March 7th to 16th exclusively in Japan at the Ginza store where one can interactively engage and experiment with sound, light, and shadows in a similar manner to that in the video.


BV’s Creative Director Tomas Maier on the video: “Sound can be a very intriguing sense, and just as the other sense, highly personal. It can convey a lot about its course and can trigger imagination unique to the individual. I was interested in exploring this through the creation of something utterly unique, and could not be more impressed with the result of this collaboration”

A HUGE “Thank You” to the Bottega Veneta team for picking Bag Addicts Anonymous as your only  partner in Malaysia with exclusive rights to publish this one day before the Malaysian media (digital and print included)

Images and video courtesy of Bottega Veneta