Weekend Post: Picks from Marc Jacobs F/W Collection 2010
31 July 2010

Weekend Post: Picks from Marc Jacobs F/W Collection 2010

Once upon a time, I succumbed to the Stam craze and got myself a dark aubergine-coloured XL Stam in lambskin (see photo below), but hardly toted it around because it was too heavy. At that point in time, I didn’t really care how much it weighed because it exuded sophistication, or in simpler terms, it really looked “Stylo Mylo”, lol. Since I didn’t really use it, I decided to give it a new home.. or more precisely, it now resides on the arms of a friend of mine.

Early this week, I popped over to the Marc Jacobs boutique at Suria KLCC to check out their Fall/Winter collection for this year. Though the entire collection isn’t in yet (MJ will be expecting more bags to arrive from the collection in the upcoming weeks), here are some of the pieces that, imho, stood out.

First up, the quilted python-embossed leather Stam. Called the “Stardust” due to the small stud embellishments on the bags that resemble specks of stars that light up the sky, this is actually my FAVOURITE pick from the F/W collection that’s in store thus far. Dark brown is quite an unusual colour for a python-esque bag as most are either dyed (like McQueen’s S/S DeManta clutch) or in lighter shades. The dark brown adds a touch of seriousness to the bag that makes it work-appropriate. Retails for RM 7,390.

If you wan’t something shiny, then the “Karlie” might just be for you. This Fall/Winter MJ has quite a few patent leather bags in the collection, but the reason I picked this particular patent piece is because this slightly bowler-esque shape is a new shape of the season, a shape which MJ is experimenting with this season, and has never done before. The picture below doesn’t really do justice to the colour of the bag. Having seen it in the flesh, it is actually a darker, deeper, and richer shade of maroon, almost like red wine. Retail price: RM 6,490.

Next up, the “Rockstar” Little Stam with crystal studded embellishments (see detail shot below) that is part of MJ’s Pre-Fall collection for this year. I must admit that I thought that it was rather gaudy and a tad too loud for my taste when I saw it on the shelves, but after seeing the SA carry it on her shoulder, against her black top, it looks really glamorous and not at all loud. I guess some things just have to be tried on before passing judgements because they could very well end up surprising you.

This bag is unique because it looks as if it is a metallic gold houndstooth design that is embroidered with gold thread on fabric, but in actual fact, as the SA pointed out to me, is metallic leather. I can definitely see this piece on Taylor Momsen/Jenny Humphrey from the CW’s Gossip Girl. Retail price: RM 5,500

Detail shot of the crystal embellishments (I just realised it actually looks like pearl studs in this photo!). Isn’t it cool that it really looks like fabric instead of leather?

Lastly, the Parachute Stam in metallic silver (also available in metallic Bronze as well as in the Little Stam version).

If you’ve been a regular reader/follower of my blog, I commented that MJ is doing nylon this Fall – something which hasn’t at all been done (well, for MJ anyway) for his main collections. The beginning of MJ’s experimentation with Nylon actually began in this year’s Cruise collection (but MJ at KLCC didn’t bring in the nylon pieces from the Cruise collection). I’ve had a feel of the bag and I have to say that this nylon is actually thicker than the Prada nylon and the silk-nylon on Tod’s Pashmy bags, which is why they refer to it as the Parachute. Definitely more durable. I must say that this is a very imaginative and creative, futuristic look for the Stam, that would definitely appeal to the younger market. Retail price: RM 4,990.