Weekend Post: The Gossip Girl Finale (Season 6, Episode 10) "Who Is Gossip Girl" - BAGS and Commentary
5 January 2013

Weekend Post: The Gossip Girl Finale (Season 6, Episode 10) “Who Is Gossip Girl” – BAGS and Commentary

This is a bittersweet post for me because the Gossip Girl segment on this blog is always my favourite to write. Now that GG has well and truly ended, this, too, will be the final GG post, and that is quite upsetting for me because I love not just the series, but the fabulous fashion created by the stylists on set. 
Oh well, I really don’t mean to sound cliche, but as they say, all good things must come to an end so here are the BAGS from the final episode of the entire series (Season 6 Episode 10), “Who is Gossip Girl?” And bag-wise, this episode has certainly been a one-stop Runway one indeed. The stylists MUST have saved all the best bags (and the most expensive!) for last! 

I love Georgina’s entire outfit here. I mean, sure, everything is really sparkly, studded and blinged out but somehow it really isn’t OTT at all. The stylists certainly have outdone themselves here! She is spotted with the sequinned Speedy that we saw coming down the runway during the Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2012-13 Paris Fashion Week show. Yes, that very same one with the showstopping Vuitton Express.

We saw Serena with one of the Valentino bejewelled Flap bags earlier on this season over here, and here she is in the final episode with another, from the very same Spring/Summer 2012 Runway Collection.

Probably one of the most expensive bags that Ivy is seen carrying all season, here she is with the Miss Dior in matte croc. That said, Ivy’s jacket is way cute!

Since Blair didn’t make it home, heading straight from the Bass event last episode, into hiding, she was spotted at the steps before changing into her  baby blue Elie Saab wedding dress still clutching this beaded Bulgari Damask Evening clutch.

The Verdict:

Fave Bag in this Episode: Well, truth be told, the bags from this episode are a little too sparkly for my liking, and as for the Miss Dior, I’m not a big fan of croc. But if I had to choose, then I’d probably go with the Miss Dior. 

Favourite Moment: When Chuck went from being really adamant about not wanting to marry Blair under those circumstances when Uncle Jack suggested that they get married because “a wife cannot be forced to testify against her husband”, to suddenly getting down on one knee, asking B to marry him. It was more like my “OMG FINALLY” moment! 🙂

OMG Moment: Of course, the Mother of all OMG moments would go to the reveal of Gossip Girl’s true identity. Who’d have thought it was Dan? Well, true, Gossip Girl is everybody (except “Saint Nate” (in Georgina’s words) who had never sent in a tip to GG ever) but still, Dan was the one who was posting the blasts. I would never have guessed. Great job GG writers! 

LOL Moment: Dorota asking Jack to make her a glass of vodka after hearing that GG was indeed Dan: “Me too. Vodka. Big glass. Not too many rocks” 

Other comments:Loved that Georgina ended up with Jack, but I wish Lily got back with Rufus instead of Dr. William Van Der Woodsen. As expected, Henry (Chuck & B’s son) was a mini-me carbon copy of Chuck, bow tie and all, And who’d have thought Jenny would have her own “J” by Waldorf Designs line (as seen from the paper bag in her hand). The one thing I didn’t like? Serena’s gold wedding dress. Even though it was MUCH better than her actual wedding dress that she wore for her marriage to Ryan Reynolds with that “veil” (I thought the whole thing looked like a white version of a nun’s habit), I still really didn’t like it. LOVED the dress B’s cocktail dress to S’s wedding though! Any idea who the designer was for that dress? 

From the closing of GG, we see a mysterious Dan Humphrey-esque character being labelled as “someone who always wants to be on the inside”, so GG will never be gotten rid of. Here’s to hoping for more GG in the future, but I really don’t think the next cast would be as stellar as the one that we have got to known these past 6 years. Maybe I’m just biased that way. 😉

If you missed the bags from the other GG episodes, here you go!

Images courtesy of Dior, Valentino, Louis Vuitton