Videos: The Making of A Prada Bag
27 December 2012

Videos: The Making of A Prada Bag

Hello Lovelies,

I’m still recovering from LASIK and computer screens still are a pain to look at but here are some videos for you as a filler before I resume my usual daily blog posts. Thanks again for your patience and love you’ve shown me even through this time that I’ve been silent on social media and the blog!

Anyway, here are the videos of Prada’s bag-making process. Enjoy!

Note: The videos are silent ones, but don’t let that turn you off because they are an awesome glimpse into how a Prada bag is made: from the leather selection to the sketching, stencilling and finally, the assembling of the final product.

And finally, sewing and putting the bags together

Remember to check back for more regular posts soon!

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