Video: The Making of Gucci's New Bamboo
8 November 2011

Video: The Making of Gucci’s New Bamboo

All of you frequent followers of my blog would know that Stylicious Fashionista attended Gucci’s Artisan Corner Event  and store Re-opening @ KLCC back in September right before I headed off to London Fashion Week. During the event, we got a glimpse of the artisans working on the New Bamboo. 

Here’s a video on how the New Bamboo is made, followed by the image stills after the video below.

And here are the photo stills:

Selecting the skins and “stretching” it
Dyeing the croc skin

Treating the skins
Treating the skins
Setting the paper patterns in place 

Cutting the skins
Carving the bamboo details
Using the flame to “bend” and shape the Bamboo
Staining the bamboo
Staining & lacquering the Bamboo
Adding Screws onto the Bamboo handles
Attaching the Bamboo handles onto the flap
Cutting the tassels
Applying glue onto the top to roll the tassel
Shaping and moulding the structure of the bag
Putting in the lining 
Screwing of handles onto the bag
Hand-Stitching the lining to the bag

The Completed New Bamboo Bag in croc 

Images and video courtesy of Gucci