Valentino's VLTN Resort 2018 Collection
9 November 2017

Valentino’s VLTN Resort 2018 Collection

Not only does Valentino change up their logo into “VLTN” for Resort 2018, but this is a collection that is entirely devoted to Athleisure, or perhaps, the new buzzword in fashion these days, Glamleisure. The Resort 2018 collection is definitely your go-to if you really want to up your street cred game, yet still look glamorous. And what do I mean by this? Well, let’s just say you can expect satin tracksuits, logo tees, caps, and of course to really bring out that athletic vibe, sports accessories such as yoga mats and black basketball with the VLTN logo on it. Oh, and if you have a Valentino pop-up in your city, you can even personalise your gear by getting them monogrammed with your initials.

And ya’ll already know that I’m a Valentino fangirl, so let’s discuss some of my picks from the collection…

Okay, three things right here.

  1. I know that the sandals/heels with socks trend has been around for a couple of seasons now, but  whether or not it is built into the shoe or something that was paired together by choice, I never really warmed up to the idea. Somehow, though, with this “Ottica booties,” I’m really starting to change my mind.
  2. You may or may not have known this, but I had a logo tee phase that I went through last year. I know, I know, some of you (yes, my friends included!) have commented, or rather, sent me direct messages in response to my Instastories whenever I do an unboxing of my logo tee purchase on Instagram that I’m crazy to spend such an insane amount of money on a tee. heh. Though that phase has passed – thank goodness, right?, but wait, not so fast – given that this tee is in my favourite colour, it might just be enough to start up my obsession once again…
  3. Though I’ve mentioned before in another blogpost that the Rockstud Spike is starting to grow on me, and as massive of a colour blocking fan as I am, surprise surprise, I actually don’t like this version of the bag, and it’s not just the colour combo right here. This latest Rockstud Spike from the Resort 18 collection, is called the “Free Rockstud” because it comes with white hardware, chain shoulder strap, and white rubberised studs it’s precisely due to this, that it has really put me off the bag. Thanks but no thanks, because I prefer hardware that actually looks like hardware, and not something that looks like someone has been using the whiteout (liquid paper/correction pen) too liberally.  #sorrynotsorry

Now, for a closer look at the items not featured right here, check out the video below.

Images via Valentino