Valentino's Embellished Glam Lock: The Runway Edition
31 October 2016

Valentino’s Embellished Glam Lock: The Runway Edition

Happy Monday lovelies! Here’s a sparkly bag to chase your Monday Blues away!

This Runway version of Valentino’s Glam Lock bag is truly the stuff that dreams are made of. I’m not usually one who likes overly embellished bags (well, fine, except for studs, lol) because with the crystal and beaded stars on the flap and the scallop motif on the bottom equally as beaded, and then there are the pink rhinestones cum studs as borders around the bag, plus the regular pyramidical studs on the flap, it really sounds like there is really A LOT going on. That may be so, but somehow, everything just works, and with the bi-colour pastel pink and yellow, it comes off as something rather sweet, and delectable at the same time, because it reminds me of candy, macarons, Care Bears, and yes even unicorns. Perhaps that may be my vivid imagination, and you may or may not have a similar image formed in your mind when you look at this bag, but I’m really digging this one. LOADS.

Image via Valentino