Valentino's Cutout Flower Rockstud Bags
22 August 2016

Valentino’s Cutout Flower Rockstud Bags

My love affair with Valentino’s Rockstud continues! I know many of you have commented that you’ve grown tired of these and would like to see something different but truth be told, I don’t think I’ll get bored of it anytime soon. As long as there are studs, sign me up!

I’ve also been looking for a pink bag for some time now, because I recently came to realisation that although pink is my favourite colour of all time, I don’t have one at all! And so began my pink bag hunt. I didn’t want something too fuchsia even though it’s my favourite shade of pink, so I set my mind (and eyes!) on either a blush, dusky, or powder pink hue.

That’s when I came across these latest Valentino Rockstuds with the cutout flower leather details because it’s more decorative, and has a combination of both the regular-sized Rockstuds, and micro rockstuds. I love them in both these styles but I’m still keeping an eye out because I don’t want them to be too seasonal either so I’m still keeping my options open for now. Also, there is that nagging question whether I really NEED another rockstud? But I really do like the artsy fartsy vibe on these ones! Do ya’ll have any other suggestions in mind for me?

PS: I missed the opportunity to get a beautiful blush pink Boy Chanel last season so yeah.

Images courtesy of Valentino