Valentino's Aphrodite Bow Top Handle Bag
20 July 2010

Valentino’s Aphrodite Bow Top Handle Bag

I’ve always had a weakness for bows. And this time, Valentino has once again, melted my heart with the Aphrodite bow satchel from the upcoming Fall/Winter collection. While some bags that mask or hide the closure of the bag frustrates me and puts me off, the hidden closure under the oversized bow on this Aphrodite is the exact opposite. Instead, the bag is given a more seamless look and thus, upping its appeal. In fact, I can’t think of a name more befitting for the bag. What a mighty Aphrodite indeed. Thank goodness I didn’t manage to get the Mulberry “Ruby Bayswater with bow detail. This is WAYYYY better. I just hope that the Valentino boutique in Malaysia will bring in this style.

Available either in Camel (shown above) or black for $1995 via Saks for Pre-Order.