Valentino Fall 14 Bags
20 June 2014

Valentino Fall 14 Bags

A few moments of silence please, because gone are the Rockstuds that I hold so dear (well okay, so they aren’t completely gone, but still… those of you who are regular readers would’ve noticed that I’ve christened it the Rockstar collection) and it their place, are braided details and animal-shaped hardware.

I know that quite a lot of you out there have commented that you’re so over the studs and couldn’t possibly stand another season with them, but I will never grow tired of them. Ever. Besides, the fact that the Rockstud collection is almost always sold out (especially the shoes!) says something, doesn’t it?  Plus I love that it’s both feminine and rock princess at the same time in equal parts.

Are YOU a fan of the Rockstud, or do you prefer this because you’ve grown tired of it?

Images courtesy of Valentino