Update on Balenciaga's Giant Hardware
4 November 2011

Update on Balenciaga’s Giant Hardware

Well yesterday I said that Balenciaga will be discontinuing their Giant Hardware pieces. But guess what? They’re not discontinuing it altogether but modifying the hardware to a slightly smaller size (still large but just not as large) so that they will look less “loud” but slightly more delicate. The new hardware will debut in the Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Hm, what do you think this would mean though? Will look less stylish? Because although smaller hardware would mean the bags would weigh less, I have always chosen the giant over regular hardware. Oh well since there aren’t any press images of these just yet, we’ll just have to wait for the debut of the new hardware in Spring/Summer next year (or until I receive the images) to find out.



Image via Yoogi’s Closet