17 May 2018

Trend Alert: Rattan Basket Bags

We first caught whiff of the beginnings of this trend last summer. I can’t say for sure, but perhaps it could’ve been Cult Gaia’s Ark bag that kickstarted this entire fashion phenomenon. Well, whether it could very well become a summer staple instead of a “one season wonder”, remains to be seen. For now, though, it seems as if it’s becoming even more popular than it was last summer.

Coachella may be over, but these rattan bags certainly aren’t going anywhere. Oh, but I’m not referring to any rattan bag, though. While rattan bags of the tote, shoulder, clutch, and crossbody variety have been spotted on social media and IRL (translation for non-millennials: “in real life”), it’s still a particular type of rattan bag that seems more popular than the rest.

Issy Moon Bag Basket Bag

Enter, the circle rattan bag, that sometimes may also be made of straw, or raffia. A mere scroll through my Instagram feed, and I notice that this circular silhouette – either the top handle or crossbody sort – seems to be the preferred choice. Could it be due to its tambourine-esque shape that makes it a little more interesting compared to the regular clutch, or tote (which can, depending on its size end up looking like a wicker picnic basket)? Well, whatever the reason may be, it’s certainly summer- and music festival-friendly.

That said, rattan bags aren’t really my kinda thing because I’m generally not a fan of the “boho” or festival look. Also, you have to be very careful of colour transfer, especially when wearing this with denim and/or dark colours, because of the “natural” colour that these bags tend to come in. Rattan (and to a certain extent raffia and straw) tends to be slightly coarse, so there’s chance that the bags may snag your clothing, especially when it comes to the more delicate fabrics like silk, chiffon, and organza. So, if these circle rattan bags are something you may be considering at the moment,  I’d recommend that you get the top-handle instead of the crossbody types, so that it’s held slightly away from your body, to minimise risk of your clothing fibres getting caught.

Highly versatile, these bags look great when paired with shorts, distressed denim, or dresses. If you want to be really “on-trend”, you can style this with your midi- or maxi-lengthed pleated skirts. It’s also the perfect go-to accessory if you’re trying to achieve that element of that certain bohemian je ne sais quoi – plus points if you’re wearing a floaty maxi dress. 


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