Trend Alert: Transparent Bags For Summer
28 June 2019

Trend Alert: Transparent Bags For Summer

Nothing says summer quite like a transparent bag, don’t you think? Yep, that’s probably the reason they’re trending right now, too! And this season, they don’t only take the shape and form of your typical beach totes – they also come in a variety of silhouettes, including shoulder bags, flap bags, and bucket bags. Oh, and apart from the usual translucent types, they come in other colours, and even monogrammed with all-over logos as well!

But, as on trend and summer-friendly as they may be, I know that they’re not exactly for everyone. I certainly fall into this category. Call me paranoid, but I’m one of those who like their possessions in full view, and though some come with leather pouches so you can keep your valuables out of sight, it’s still not something I would consider. Besides, they’re made of PVC, and for those of us who live in more tropical climates, they end up getting sticky over time, and tends to yellow with age. But, if you’re one who loves them anyway, we’ve compiled what we think would be your favourites, right here –  I certainly have to admit, though, that I find some of these quite cute, especially that Fendi Mon Trésor bucket and the belted BOYY tote.

Would this be a trend that you’d be getting into this summer?

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