Spotlight on: Dior's Diorissimo Tote
24 June 2012

Spotlight on: Dior’s Diorissimo Tote

The Diorissimo (named after Christian Dior’s lucky perfume) was released in March 2012. Created with the intention of a perfect day bag the Diorissimo is definitely office-friendly, and at the same time something you can take out to lunch or shopping with your girlfriends.

The defining characteristic of all Diorissimo bags is the revamped D-I-O-R charms and the dual-tone: one colour for the exterior, and the interior in another contrasted colour.

As much of a quiet type of luxury these Diorissimo bags take pride in their exclusivity (Translation: they can’t be bought off the shelf). Instead, these babies can only be sold to selected customers (usually Dior’s VIPs) who are invited by Dior to purchase these bags; each only allowed to purchase one at a time, though exceptions are often made for celebrities. This is probably why Dior calls this their “Couture Handbag”

Diorissimo bags retail for  RM15,500 (Large), RM 14,300 (Medium) and RM 12,800 (Small)

Images courtesy of Dior