Saint Laurent's Sac de Jour with Embossed Python Trims
17 June 2016

Saint Laurent’s Sac de Jour with Embossed Python Trims

I’ve never really paid much attention to Saint Laurent’s Sac de Jour because to be honest, I really didn’t think much of the bag – it was yet another structured tote which was decidedly very Birkin-like in its design, well save for the accordion-esque side profile. Also, perhaps this disinterest on my part, was coupled with the fact that I was still sore about the fact that Creative Director Hedi Slimane decided that he knew better and embarked on a Friday the 13th rampage. It wasn’t enough that he had removed “Yves”, but also redesigned the entire brand aesthetic and store design in the process. I was so committed to this cause and desperately tried to hold on on to the opulence of the “old” YSL brand that I even bought and wore the “Aint Laurent Without Yves” tee with pride (I still have it, and it remains one of my fave tees to this day!) and even purchased the Cabas Chyc with the “Y” just so I could preserve the older brand identity in my closet.  Over time, I have to say that I’m less (much, much less) sore about this now, probably because I’ve gotten used to Slimane’s antics. Maybe this is why I have begun to look at the Sac de Jour in an entirely new light.

Well, okay, I shan’t be too quick to declare that I’m changing my mind about this Sac de Jour ENTIRELY per se, because so far, I only like this particular version with the contrast python-embossed trims. Let’s give it more time, shall we, and see if I find myself liking the other bags in the near future.

Images via Saint Laurent