Roger Vivier's Pilgrim de Jour
17 May 2016

Roger Vivier’s Pilgrim de Jour

So Roger Vivier recently opened their first store in Pavilion KL. I was already smitten by this Pilgrim de Jour bag from just looking at pictures of it alone. This small Pilgrim de Jour bag in pink shown above, featuring the brand’s iconic Pilgrim buckle is already sold out on the official website online, and is flying off the shelves elsewhere, be it online, or physical stores. Just my luck, when I’m on the pink bag hunt because I realised that for someone who adores pink, I don’t really own a pink bag! Ironic no?

So over the weekend, I finally got the chance to head over to the Vivier boutique but guess what, I found an even prettier colour than this! It was neon pink, but not of the usual sort that you’d expect, because there were hints of neon coral that were mixed into the pink, which gave it a rather unusual shade – it’s neon pink but not quite, if you catch my drift. And it’s a colour that I’ve never really seen other brands using! Love love love. The leather, however, was smooth and not of the grained variety, so the downside is that it’s much less scratch resistant, while the upside is that it weighs less than the grained ones. But, the colour is to die for. Words can’t simply describe it, so you really have to head over to the store to see it because it’s oh-so uh-may-zing!

Image via Roger Vivier