Rockstud, Baby
10 September 2012

Rockstud, Baby

Valentino Rockstud Medium Bag

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@bagaddictsanon) would know that this is my latest purchase. I’ve been eyeing Valentino’s Rockstud bags for awhile, and never really got one because I just never liked the previous version with the flap because honestly, I find flap bags impractical, especially the ones with the handles on the flap because your bag just springs open for all the world to see when you open the bag. I didn’t like the denim versions in the large size from Spring/Summer 12, so then came Fall/Winter and voila! What’s great about this is that it’s convertible too — not only does it come with a long strap if you’d like to carry it on the shoulder or cross-body style, but the side flaps can be folded in, and you’d have a rectangular shaped bag instead. It’s like having 2 bags in 1 though personally, I think it looks better with flaps out.

Yes, I know I’ve said before that I’ve never owned a black bag, because they’re too “blah” for my liking. There’s a first time for everything, and besides, in other colours, the studs don’t pop at all, and aren’t all that noticeable. And hey, it’s called Rockstud after all, so the studs need to draw attention!

I got this from Hong Kong because this style isn’t available locally. It’s also sold out on the Valentino website, and luckily, after a wild goose chase, I managed to get the last piece in black left in the whole of Hong Kong at Lane Crawford. Yes, after hopping back to and from Central Hong Kong and Tsim Sha Tsui, phew  mission accomplished! If you’d like to purchase this bag, the black is available at Nordstrom for  RM 7,761 (though not exactly the same as mine because my studs are in light gold while this is in chrome, and the Brown version from Neiman Marcus.

Valentino Rockstud Tote Structured Fall/Winter 2012-13

In fact, I was contemplating between the one I eventually bought, and this Tote version, a new style from Fall/Winter 2012-13. But then again, I thought that this looked too similar to my Céline Luggage Tote, so I decided to get the other one. Much smaller, and only available in one size, this textured structured leather Rockstud Tote (think Prada’s Saffiano leather), on the other hand, is available in KL at the Valentino boutique @ Star Hill at RM 7,635 in Prune (as shown above) and Black. If you’d like to purchase it online, it’s available via Neiman Marcus (in Prune), Bergdorfs (in Prune or Black),  My Theresa (in Black, Red, or Nude), Nordstrom (in Dark Green or Black). Personally, though, I prefer the Dark Green or Prune for this style.

Have you found YOUR Rockstud?

Images courtesy of Valentino