#PFW: Valentino's Spring/Summer 2014 Runway and Bags Report!
7 October 2013

#PFW: Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2014 Runway and Bags Report!

Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection was a melting pot of exoticism, with references from Native America, Egypt, and even Frida Kahlo. While there weren’t any Kahlo-esque braids piled atop the head, but instead replaced with studded headbands, there’s just something about the collection that really reminds me of the artist.

The bags, on the other hand, were no different – lots of Fringe. Yes, while fringe doesn’t automatically bring on an association to Native Americans and their tribes, but yet, it exuded the same sort of  aesthetic (thanks to the knotting of the fringe before letting it dangle loosely), that aligned itself to the founders of the New World. Bags were either in exotic crocodile or leather that, seemed like they  had an unlined interior. Rockstuds, too, took a backseat this season. Instead of the 3-dimensional pyramid studs that we have all come to absolutely love, the studs this time around were circular, and rather flat, with just a little point in the middle that was akin to the rivets commonly found on the corners of our jeans pockets.