#PFW: Balenciaga's Spring/Summer 18 Bags Report
5 October 2017

#PFW: Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 18 Bags Report

A day before the Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2018 show, the brand debuted their new logo on social media. So what do you do when you have a new logo? Why, flaunt it, of course, by emblazoning the new logo all over the bags, and just like that, Creative Director Demna Gvasalia hopped onto the Logomania train.

The Verdict: Balenciaga fangirl that I am (and always have been), I really am not a fan of this collection at all. There were logo bum bags with worn across the chest, as well as a new flap-styled bag with Parisian charms dangling from the strap which were a tad tooooooooo Chanel-esque. And then there was that fringed tote with BALENCIAGA in bold – I mean, okay, we get it, you have a new logo and such but that was just rather distasteful. But, what I really couldn’t wrap my head around, really, were those bags that had the detachable rain jackets or raincoats over them because the way in which they were shaped, just reminds me of the protective sheet that your hairstylist lets you wear when you go to the  hair salon – oh and what’s even more perplexing is that while the leopard and polka dotted one was made of waterproof material, the others were made of leather. Why make a raincoat-looking protectant for your bag if it isn’t even able to repel water? I get that sometimes fashion isn’t meant to be about practicality, I mean, I myself pride fashionability over functionality at times, but this is just odd. Oh, and don’t even get me started on those hard-cased top handle bags with the reflectors that look like tail lights – exactly the sort of optional additional box-like compartment that motorcyclists use to stow their items and valuables at the back of their bikes, don’t you think? *cue the biggest eyeball ever*

Images via Vogue Runway