My Thoughts on Coach's Butterfly Swagger 21 Bag
25 August 2016

My Thoughts on Coach’s Butterfly Swagger 21 Bag

You’ve probably seen news about this Butterfly Swagger 21 bag by Coach flitting around both print magazines and blogs for the past month or so. The reason I’m only posting this now, is because I’m still on the fence with this one. I’ve never really been a Coach fan, and when the Swagger first debuted a couple of seasons ago, I thought the double turncock clasp hardware details seem Proenza Schouler PS11-esque. And yes, I am very much aware of the fact that the turnclock clasp is also a Coach signature, but somehow, in this mini size, and put together in this way, it’s as if it’s the offspring of a PS11-Birkin union.

And then there are the appliqué butterflies – a total of 16, in 4 different sizes on this bag, all of which are hand-painted, and secured onto the bag by rivets. While I absolutely adore the pops of blue and green on the butterflies, really remind me of Bottega Veneta’s Limited Edition Cabat and Knot clutch from Spring/Summer 2013.


Images via Coach