Marc Jacobs Gramercy = LOVE!
17 August 2011

Marc Jacobs Gramercy = LOVE!

So far I haven’t really spotted anything really covet-worthy from the Fall/Winter 2011-12 collections thus far. Well, okay, so there was the YSL Muse Two Cabas, and the Mulberry Harper, and the Gucci Zoo Bird Tote. Ok fine, so I MAY have been stretching the truth a little here. Anyway, here’s another tote I’m lusting for… I present to you the Gramercy from the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2011-12 collection.

Gramercy in Ivory

Gramercy in Iris

Well, no surprises for the one I pick. Yes, I LOVE my colours, so my pick is definitely the Iris. And yes, I heart my studs too. And that little padlock detail? Yup, you might remember it from the Paradise collection (which is the lightest range of leather bags by MJ to date). And I have to tell you, you really HAVE to see this bag in the flesh. Both the pictures above and the one I took at the Marc Jacobs store below, really doesn’t do any justice to the oh-so-bold colour at all. It comes in Ivory (first pic above) as well as Metallic Grey — only one piece of each colour in stores at RM 4,600 each. Ivory is classy and minimalist but the Iris is striking and vivacious. And like my favourite darling SA (you know who you are! ;D) at the store commented, it’s perfect to colour block with – just put on a bright green top and you’re good to go!

Images courtesy of Marc Jacobs
Store photo taken with iPhone4