Marc by MJ "Flash" Shapeshifter
20 August 2010

Marc by MJ “Flash” Shapeshifter

It isn’t often that I find myself liking a Marc by MJ piece (without the quirky Miss Marc) but this piece has changed my mind. The “Flash” Shapeshifter tote is a supple duffle-like leather bag (think YSL’s “Easy” bag) but with a twist. The zipper details, which is a continuation of this year’s S/S trend, allows you to change the shape of your bag (hence “shapeshifter”) to suit your needs and your mood. Its versatility is like having a few bags for the price of one! I must say that this is very innovative indeed. Priced at $478 via Neiman Marcus. Also available in black (but imho black leather, more often than not, somehow has a knack for looking cheap) but I just love how the hazelnut and gold hardware complement each other.

However, Marc by MJ has informed me that they aren’t going to be bringing this style into Malaysia. The only styles they’ll be bringing in from the “Flash” range is a shoulder tote and a sling bag.