27 August 2018

Mansur Gavriel Debuts All-Over Logo Print

In the era of the revival of LogomaniaMansur Gavriel has come up with their version of the logo print, and it’s not what you’d expect either. No block letters or streetwear-esque bold fonts, and nope, not even their gold foil stamped logo that they’ve been using on their bags thus far, are to be found. Instead, the designer duo decided on a signature-like cursive script that reads “Mansur Gavriel” and “made in Italy” which really looks like it was hand-written and then transformed into a print, giving off the feeling of a “personal touch”, which most of us are suckers for, aren’t we? *wink* This is certainly a clever move indeed, because this certainly sets the brand’s logo print apart from all the other logos and monograms out there.


Mansur Gabriel Logo Printed Tote

Mansur Gabriel Logo Wristlet

The brand is testing out the new logo print in a small tote ($545)  and a large wristlet ($245), with the logo print embossed onto the leather. Both styles are currently available only in this natural-coloured vegetable tanned leather colourway called “Rosa”,  via Mansur Gavriel’s official website  and Le Bon Marché in Paris.

What are your thoughts on the brand’s new logo print?


Images via Mansur Gavriel