Love It or Hate It: Balenciaga's Patchwork Bag
21 October 2009

Love It or Hate It: Balenciaga’s Patchwork Bag

If you’re new and haven’t been a follower of my previous blog, Wednesdays are “Love It or Hate It” Days (if I manage to find something post-worthy) which would feature a bag for those with *ahem* acquired tastes. Lol.

Horror of horrors, Haloween comes early this year! I’m a fan of Balenciaga but nothing at all prepared me for THIS! I mean, I thought Coach was bad enough with their patchwork bags that never fail to make an appearance every season, but THIS, is rather something don’t you think? And no, I don’t mean it in a good way. First thing that struck me when I saw this was that it looks like a patchwork quilt/blanket that granny’s used to make for the countryside. Coupled with the use of distressed leather that is now synonymous with Balenciaga’s signature style, I know that it’s meant to give the bag a sort of vintage and aged look but, this looks slightly too dated. Has designer Nicholas Ghesquiere been digging around in a time capsule that is meant to stay shut?

However, if you DO like this bag, you can get it this for $2,345 via Barneys