Love It or Hate It: Marc Jacobs Foil Tote
29 March 2019

Love It or Hate It: Marc Jacobs Foil Tote

In today’s edition of Love It or Hate It, we have what is known as The Foil Tote by Marc Jacobs. As if it weren’t obvious enough, he just had to emblazon these very words in bold, on the oversized tote. *insert eyeroll here*

Since Marc Jacobs merged both the Marc by Marc and his main line, I no longer found any of his bags appealing, except the SnapshotEverything else, from the ready-to-wear, to the bags, literally went south from the moment he fused both lines into one. Nothing illustrates this point of view better, than the current situation at hand, concerning this Foil Tote.


Marc Jacobs Foil Tote Pink

There’s really no in-between with this one, and it’s something you either love, or hate. Unfortunately, I fall into the latter category, and I really cannot foresee any reason why someone would even want to get their hands on this … unless you want to use it as a shopping bag to load all your groceries into. But, I know for sure, that will certainly be fans who are dying to get their hands on this. Perhaps over time, the bag would become more crushed like in the top image above, giving it more character but I wouldn’t be caught dead with this. Well, to each their own, I say.

Available in metallic silver, gold, or pink, I’d say the cheapest alternative to make your own with tin foil, gold flake sheets, or pink quality street wrappers, respectively.


Images: Marc Jacobs