Love It or Hate It: Balenciaga Cabas
14 March 2014

Love It or Hate It: Balenciaga Cabas

Cabas – Small


Cabas – Medium

Total Balenciaga fangirl that I am, I really don’t understand what this seasonal Cabas made of canvas with leather trims is all about. Really Alex Wang, whyyyy? Perhaps you were inspired  by Jil Sander’s paper bag, oh i mean, clutch?

To me, these bags really seem like they’re one of those freebies you get when you buy the Balenciaga fragrance, or the authentic super-affordable bags with the designer branding on em that you can purchase every season that comes together with a Japanese magazine that’s purchasable at Kinokuniya. And for £400+ to 500+ for them? errr, no thanks.

Do YOU love or hate this?

Images via Balenciaga