Love It or Hate It: Alexander Wang's Marina Speedo Prisma Leather Tote
12 November 2011

Love It or Hate It: Alexander Wang’s Marina Speedo Prisma Leather Tote

So Alexander Wang bags have always been stylish but at times impractical due to the sheer weight of the bag. Yes, I still love his Rocco line of bags in all the styles. Very rock and roll chic but yet minimalist as the same time due to the studs which are only at the base of the bag, and hence, less visible (though the studs certainly make their presence felt, especially when you’re toting the bag around; the weight serving as a reminder of its existence. 
The Rocco aside, here’s Alexander Wang’s fairly new “Marina” Speedo Prisma leather tote.

I really find this bag to be a tad odd and rather too top-heavy, and all the issues I have are with the base. I mean, with the narrow base at the bottom coupled with the bottom trunk-like gold corners, it kind of seems as if that the bag was squished and stuffed into the base… *points to the “almost V-shaped leather bit at the bottom of the base”*. Don’t you think? Not to mention, since the bottom is structured and the top rather slouchy, it will most probably sort of crumble downwards. Having said that, the hard base doesn’t look at all comfortable especially when you picture a scenario and in a rush and the golden corners are knocking against your leg *ouch*.

At £641.66 via Net-a-Porter, I’ll pass. What about you?