Leghila Washable Neoprene Bags
20 March 2012

Leghila Washable Neoprene Bags

You may or may not have heard of Leghila, an Italian brand that manufactures washable (yes, you read that right!) – just toss them into the washbag that they come with, and throw that into your washing machine – bags that are made of neoprene (wetsuit material). They’re fairly new in the market, and some have commented that the brand is a little pricey for neoprene, but personally, I think it’s quite alright because their designs and colour combinations are fab! And if you think about it, Vuitton had a range of neoprene bags some years back, and the price point for those babies were RM 6000+ so, Leghila is certainly much more fairly priced in comparison.

Here are 2 of my favourite styles by Leghila:

First up the G Bag 782. It’s definitely true that this bag looks very similar to the Birkin, but I just love the studs on them! Haha, yes here I go yet again with my studded bags or just simply studs in general, but this Turquoise colour is just divine! If you’re not a fan of this colour, it’s available in 60 different colour combinations in total so you can take your pick! However, since this style isn’t available in KL, I do have to say that I don’t know how the studs are secured onto the bag, and therefore cannot guarantee whether it will come off when you actually dunk it into your washing machine.

Available in Large size, for 450 Euros

The other style that I like takes the shape of a Boston Bag. Called the G Bag (not to be confused with Tod’s!) I found these 2 colour combinations the most interesting out of the myriad colours available.

Available for 195 Euros each


To view the other styles (there are many others!) and colours head on over to Leghila to check it out! And I have good news for you lot! Select styles are available at the M Store at The Gardens Mall. I have a personal favourite (which isn’t featured on the website which is why I didn’t include a photo!) at the M store, which basically looks like a flat square tote, but woven ala Bottega Veneta. Priced at RM 1250, I love the purple one and the turquoise + lime bicolour version! If you prefer the G Bag and the B Bag (without the studs), then it’s available via Singapore-based e-tailer, Doorstep Luxury !