Kate Spade's "Imagination Rooster" Bag and Coin Purse for CNY!
18 January 2017

Kate Spade’s “Imagination Rooster” Bag and Coin Purse for CNY!

The folks at Kate Spade are also celebrating the Year of the Rooster for Chinese New Year next weekend. Called the “Imagination Rooster” collection, this is probably the first rooster-themed collection for the Lunar New Year that I’ve seen, and because it’s Kate Spade, the result is rather adorable, instead of tacky, and there isn’t way too much red either (you can probably already tell that I’m not a big fan of scarlet hues). In fact, positioning the red rooster against a black leather bag and coin purse, makes it striking, yet not OTT, which makes it much easier from a festive Chinese New Year-only bag, to a pretty much all year round design.

What I probably love most is how the pailettes on the wings and the feathers on the rooster’s comb (on the small Candace bag) adds textural details making it a more 3-dimensional design. More deets and prices for the Rooster Mini Candace Bag here and Coin Purse here.

Images courtesy of Kate Spade