Gucci's Turnaround Bag
3 November 2014

Gucci’s Turnaround Bag

Gucci debuts the “Turnaround”. True to its namesake, the “Turnaround” is a versatile reversible tote, with scarlet-hued leather on one side, and the signature GG jacquard on the other. Launched as part of the Holiday 2014 collection (hence the festive red), the tote is available in 3 sizes: Small (RM 3,290), Medium (RM 4,240) and Large (RM 4,880). 

Although a a great day bag no matter which size you choose, because it’s a bag that’s roomy, not to mention lightweight – something that’s quite a rarity these days, especially where leather is used.  However, some of you may have an issue with the open-top or the lack of any compartments (zippered or otherwise) so it may not be advisable for travel use. But then again, it really isn’t possible for a reversible bag to have a zip top or magnetic button closure.

Image courtesy of Gucci