Gucci-Gucci-Zoo! Gucci Launches Handbags for Kids
11 August 2011

Gucci-Gucci-Zoo! Gucci Launches Handbags for Kids

The Gucci Children’s Collection, launched last year, adds bags to the Kid’s line as well for Fall/Winter 2011! And my, they are cute! I’m not too sure, however, if starting your kids off with monogrammed designer handbags is a good idea. You might just turn them to spoilt brats. Oh well.

This bird tote is my favourite bag from Gucci’s Children’s collection. I have a penchant for all cutesy things (and animals, which is why I’m disappointed that Anya Hindmarch doesn’t make those animal printed Blue Label bags anymore) and I would totally use bird tote. Available in 3 colours – Pink (shown), Blue, and White. I think the blue one looks like a fierce bird and the white version reminds me of Angry Birds characters somehow. Well, either that or a grandfather bird with its feathers all gone white due to age (yes, I am aware that this doesn’t happen to birds) — I can’t help it if I have a vivid imagination!
Note: Because it’s for kids, the handles are rather short and at best, adults can only tote it on your arm.
Retail price: RM1,760. However, there isn’t any in stock at Gucci stores in KL! Available for $496 via Gucci