Fendi Launches Cruise 2010 "Fortune" Collection @ KLCC!
11 January 2010

Fendi Launches Cruise 2010 “Fortune” Collection @ KLCC!

Fendi’s New Fortune Collection which is a part of their Cruise 2010 collection features their signature Zucca monogram (that’s Fendi-speak for the large FF monogram) on coated canvas, with a screen-printed lucky charm featured on what appears to resemble tarot cards at the middle of the bags and accessories from this collection. All items from Fendi’s Fortune collection have “Fortune” printed on the Fendi good-luck “cards”. The official launch of their Fortune collection will be at the KLCC boutique tomorrow (12th January 2010) @ 3pm. Strictly by invitation only though! Whoopee, I just might pop in if I have the time…
Here are some of the bags from the Fortune Collection:
Four-Leaf Clover tote – USD$615. This print is also available in the form of a cosmetic case, which retails at USD$200. Available for Pre-Order via Nordstrom. For those of you in Malaysia, however, totes and accessories from the Fortune collection will be available from tomorrow onwards! No pre-orders necessary! Aren’t we the lucky ones? 😉

Fendi Fortune – Fishbone Large Tote, USD$870, via Bergdorf Goodman NY.Image from My Closet Tales