Embellished Studded Marc Jacobs Tote
29 October 2009

Embellished Studded Marc Jacobs Tote

Pictured below is the black “Jet Set” tote from Marc Jacobs’s F/W collection for 2009. I first saw this beautiful bag in Singapore’s Marc Jacobs boutique at the new ION@Orchard mall. And my, oh my, I stood there with mouth agape, mesmerised. The pink version from this studded collection (called “Mania”) is To Die For!! However, since I’ve been featuring a whole lotta pink (tomorrow’s Bargain of the Week is a pink bag too!, lol) lately, I thought I’d show you something in black instead.

When we make a list of the embellishments and details of this bag on paper, it may seem like there’s way too much going on:

  • studs in aubergine
  • velvet drawstring in teal
  • peek-a-boo satin with paisley motif in turquoise and fuchsia
  • padlock details

However, just take a look at the photo above, and you realise they perfectly complement each other, allowing just a hint of the peek-a-boo satin paisley bit to catch your eye. I know I’ve given Marc Jacobs quite a bit of flak when commenting on his MJ S/S 2010 collection , MJ’s S/S 2010 collection for Louis Vuitton , but this is a totally different story, showing us that with careful consideration, he does have the ability to combine details tastefully .

This “Jet Set” tote by MJ is definitely the type of bag that makes one do a double take and yearn for a closer second (or third) look. The studs give the bag that whole rocker chick vibe, whilst at the same time softens it with jewel-toned paisley satin and velvet drawstrings. The result: Rocker Chick but not overly OTT; Punk yet feminine and flirty at the same time.
Note: If you’re worried that the gold hardware on the bag might tarnish, rest assured. All MJ hardware in gold is plated in 18k gold so that it never loses its lustre!

As for the price, I’m really sorry but I’m not sure. All the online stores like Neimans, Saks and Barneys, etc don’t seem to stock this bag. And yes, I was too awestruck by its beauty that I forgot to ask the sales assistant the price! Silly me!! For a look at all the bags from this studded peek-a-boo range, head on over to The Official Marc Jacobs website .