Dior's Patchpocket Bag for Winter 2014
27 August 2014

Dior’s Patchpocket Bag for Winter 2014

Meet Dior’s Patchpocket, an extension of the Lady Dior family.

Honestly, I prefer this much more compared to the iconic Lady Dior. It isn’t really because I’m not a fan of Dior’s signature Cannage motif, but more so because I feel that while it looks classy, it has a little bit more of a mature look, compared to this Patchpocket version, which sports a more youthful vibe, especially those the colour block versions. Those of you who are ardent fans of the classic Lady Dior, rest assured, because they are not discontinuing it nor replacing it with the Patchpocket version so you can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Oh and guess what? It’s called the Patch Pocket for a reason, and not only because of the padlocked front pocket. Turn it over to the other side, and you’ll have another contrast coloured envelope-styled pocket as shown in this post. If you prefer solid colours, then, there’s that option too, still with an envelope pocket on the other side, but with everything in a single tone. 

The new Patch Pocket tote retails for RM 19,000 while the smaller-sized PatchPocket tote, which is more like, well, a patchwork of pockets seemingly haphazardly placed, along with a little bit of the Cannage motif along with a smaller envelope dangling from the D-I-O-R charms, retail for RM 16,500. Though if you ask me, I still prefer it in the style shown above.

The oversized clutch also made it into the list of one of my favourite bags when I was at Dior’s Regional Fall/Winter 2014 Press Day a couple of months back. Super roomy for day use, not forgetting, the hands-free option with that wrist strap. Yep, a wristlet and a clutch all in one, this baby is going for RM 14,500. Oh, and it too, has the envelope pocket at the back. 😉

So what do you think? Do you prefer this version or the classic Lady Dior? 

Images courtesy of Dior