Dior's DiorAmour Capsule
10 August 2020

Dior’s DiorAmour Capsule

Though Dior‘s DiorAmour Capsule was actually slated for its launch during the Fall/Winter 2020 season, those of us in Asia are lucky enough to have it available for purchase ahead of its initial launch date because of the upcoming Chinese Valentine’s Day, which falls on August 25th. After all, the capsule is about the celebration of love, so what better timing is there? 😉


The DiorAmour capsule is a homage to the House’s emblematic codes, specifically the colour red, to which Monsieur Dior referred as “the colour of life”, as well as a polka dots motif, which is found on Ready-to-Wear, accessories, SLGs, and even the handbags, from a subtle polka-dotted heart shaped charm in addition to the iconic the D-I-O-R charms on Lady Dior totes, to a full-on polka dot covered Montaigne Box bag.

DiorAmour Capsule Lady Dior Closeup

Our favourites however, would have to be the Book Tote and Lady D-Lite (see top photo), in a handwritten graffiti-esque print with an outline of an oversized red heart right front and centre. If you’re wondering what’s written on the bags, it’s actually the word “love”, in many different languages all over the entire bag. Super fun and funky and graphic, just the way we like it! Major ♥!

The DiorAmour Capsule is now available for purchase at select Dior boutiques across Asia, ahead of its official Fall/Winter 2020 launch!